Ep. 286- Losing The Last 10 Pounds with Brooke Castillo


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Have you been trying to lose the same pounds.... FOR-E-VER?

In fact, you're probably starting to question if it's actually, really possible for YOU.


In this episode I talk with Brooke Castillo, host of The Life Coach School podcast, and break down why it’s so hard (...for so many of us, impossible!) to lose those 'last 10' pounds when approaching your goal from deprivation, diet-thinking, hurry/impatience, and self-hatred.

You'll also learn what becomes possible for you when you approach your next-level weight loss goals from a place of LOVE, being THE AUTHORITY of your body, and POWERFUL DECISION-MAKING instead.

If you're ready to: - STOP STRUGGLING with weight and food

- be D-O-N-E trying to lose weight


-finally have the breakthroughs you're wanting in your results and put an end to sabotage

...then you don't wanna miss this one.


"Brenda Lomeli is an incredible master certified life coach, holistic nutrition specialist, and creator of The Last 10™ Method. Her simple, smart, and comprehensive method helps empower women to put an end to their struggle with food and dieting and achieve their desired weight loss unapologetically" - The Life Coach School

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