EP. 282- VACATION OVEREATING [How to Rewire 'Vacation Sabotage']


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I LOVE TO TRAVEL. I love vacations.

I mean, who doesn't right?!

Well, you'd think that was the case... but so many women feel nervous, worried, fearful, and mistrusting of themselves because they don't believe they have the ability to ENJOY a vacation without 'total sabotage', without 'blowing it'.

[*ESPECIALLY as the world continues to 're-open' post covid, so perhaps you haven't been as accustomed to traveling for a while... ]

A lot of women don't believe it's actually possible to maintain a weight they feel good at WHILE ALSO traveling or vacationing as much and as often as they want to in their lives.


But if it FEELS impossible, I get it. For the longest time, travel without weight gain felt pretty much impossible for me, also.

Summer vacations and travel used to be a guaranteed: -mental & emotional struggle -tons of sabotage -sooo much overeating that I ended up feeling physically sick and uncomfortable as a result of my 'F-it I'm on vacation' mentality.

The emotional roller coaster of losing and gaining weight, plus the physical discomfort of overeating to that degree used to take so much away from my travel/vacation experiences.

I know I wasn't alone. Millions of women (*the majority) have these experiences that steal joy from their vacations and experiences, each year.


You deserve to enjoy your vacations and your world travels: WEIGHT DRAMA FREE. FOOD DRAMA FREE.

When I travel now or have an upcoming vacation I can just be excited and ENJOY- because I have total peace.

TOTAL TRUST. TOTAL CONFIDENCE. (no more food worries. no more weight worries.)

I know this is what you are wanting for yourself as well. (...it's what I SO desperately wanted!).

In this episode I teach you HOW to shift from 'F*ck-it' vacation thinking, OR Perfectionism (*vacation weight-gain FEAR, which also leads to increased emotional eating) to A *NEW * and completely different approach.

What I teach you in this episode is what allowed me to finally ENJOY my travels without the weight gain, sabotage or weight struggle.

It's what YOU can experience, as well.

THIS is how you deserve to enjoy your travels and vacations this summer.

No struggle. No sabotage.


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