EP. 274- Summer Clothing Confidence During Your Weight loss (Swimsuits & More! ProTips with Master Style Coach Judith Gaton)


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Spring is in full bloom. Summer is around the corner.

The weather is warming up, which means, less clothes and more skin!

The shorts start to come out, tank tops, and of course bathing suits.

It’s essential that as you are losing weight, and you continue to have personal breakthroughs with your specific weight loss goals (whether you’re on route to losing 75lbs or 7) that you know that feeling unapologetically confident, secure and comfortable in your own skin and body - comes from your mind- NO MATTER WHAT YOU ARE WEARING.

(Contrary to popular belief, unapologetic body confidence does NOT come from the number on the scale or the size tag on a particular skirt)

Being able to feel Unapologetic Confidence in ANYTHING that you chose to wear (no matter how short the shorts, or how skimpy the bathing suit!!) comes from HOW YOU'RE THINKING ABOUT YOUR BODY.

This episode- we're revisiting a conversation with master style coach and expert focused on swimsuit mindset. We talk about ALL things swimsuits as we're gearing up for the warmer months of the year, and preparing for upcoming summer vacations.

We take a deep dive into: shopping for swimsuits, wearing swimsuits, developing your own unique style, and how to actually feel confident and comfortable in your swimsuits.

As you listen to this episode, apply ALL of the topics and concepts discussed to other summer garments and items including: - shorts, skirts, tank tops and all the sleeveless things.

You'll be able to apply all of the teachings to ANY of the clothing items that you don’t feel confident enough to wear, or even if you do work up the 'nerve' to actually wear it, you spend most of the time feeling uncomfortable, insecure (at best) -OR- constantly internally critical and deeply inadequate (at worst).


And this doesn’t mean you can’t have a goal to lose weight. You get to gave whatever next-level weight loss goal you want, my sister!

But let’s make sure you’re approaching your weight loss in a way, where you ALSO develop the most DELICIOUS, unshakeable, LIFE-LASTING UNAPOLOGETIC BODY CONFIDENCE.

So that you are able to truly ENJOY wearing whatever the heck you want to wear FOR A LIFE TIME. (This summer, and ALL future summers to come!)

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