EP. 271- Why it's ok for your goal to matter A LOT [THREE FREAKING BILLION]


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If you've been a listener of the podcast for a year or more.

This one is for you.

(but even if not, MAKE SURE TO LISTEN)

As women we've been socialized to (1) care about every single aspect of our physical appearance, to be constantly critical of it AND ALSO (2) that caring about how we look is vain, superficial, and shallow.


Whaaat?! It makes no sense.

It's no surprise then that for MOST women (3 out of 4, in fact) there’s so much emotional suffering , stuck-ness and confusion that happens in this area of our lives.

Well, we're going to change that dammit. (!!!)

Your relationship with your body impacts ALL areas of your life → thus, it is NOT shallow, or superficial, or lame, or 'selfish' or vain to spend time and energy improving it-



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