EP. 263- Uncertainty, CONTROL, Food and Weight loss [PART TWO]


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This 2-PART SERIES on Uncertainty, CONTROL, Food and Weight loss is a MUST LISTEN. *Especially if you would consider yourself an emotional eater, perfectionist, or high achiever.

In PART TWO: we take everything you learned in part one, and make it simple, actionable, and clear.

You'll learn THREE key markers which you can utilize to effectively analyze and self-asses your current weight loss approach.

In order to be DONE struggling with your weight, it's important that you're able to identify the ways in which your current weight loss approach IS NOT EFFECTIVE and is WORKING AGAINST YOU, instead of for you.

explain these 3 important markers in a way that is simple and pragmatic: #1- The areas where you DO have agency. #2- The different types of Fear, and the results (or lack of) they each create. #3- Two Questions you can ask yourself in order to distinguish Empowered Decision-Making VS. Fear-Based Decision Making (which only begets more fear & sabotage!)

We’re taking things to a ‘next-level’ in a way that helps you to CLEARLY UNDERSTAND WHY you do the things you do, especially those food-related decisions that feel the MOST baffling, frustrating and confusing to you.

You'll also learn:

  • the questions I learned to ask myself in order to clearly differentiate when my food-decisions and/or my weight loss was being approached with true agency (vs fear of uncertainty).
  • 3 simple questions to help you grow and develop your ability to navigate uncertainty, so that you no longer need to depend on food/emotional eating, no matter what challenges and circumstances are happening in your life.

In order to create new results, we MUST understand our decisions. In order to understand our decisions/behavior, we MUST understand our psychology.


Our human brain very much dislikes: UNCERTAINTY.

This is why successful, intelligent, high-achieving women find themselves emotionally overeating, re-gaining weight they worked SO hard to lose… the moment that things feel like ‘too much is going on’ OR when they feel like there’s too much uncertainty in their lives.

If you've ever experienced 'the phenomenon' of wanting to EAT MORE, AS THINGS FEEL MORE UNCERTAIN AND OUTSIDE OF YOUR CONTROL IN YOUR LIFE...

Then you've gotta listen to this 2-part series (make sure to start with part 1).

Here's the thing: If you are a human with a human brain... then YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH UNCERTAINTY is most definitely showing up in your decision making, and thus, in your results.

I break this ALL THE WAY down so that YOU are able to understand your food related choices with clarity and ease.

On the podcast I often focus on teaching and showing you ALL the places where you have SO MUCH AGENCY & CHOICE- but what about the things that ARE NOT in your ‘control’- what is your relationship to those?

THIS MATTERS. So make sure you know.

Listen in to PART 2, to learn exactly what things you DO have agency over, and to equip yourself with practical tools for knowing exactly where YOUR DECISION MAKING POWER TRULY LIES.


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