#140 TKP Insights: Sex and Relationships


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In the first of a new series of themed episodes of the podcast, The Knowledge Project curates essential segments from five different past episodes all revolving around one theme: sex and relationships. Combining some of the most illuminating insights from the leading minds in the fields of psychology and sex therapy, this episode breaks down how we first find our mate, the important conversations to have early in a relationship, the different kinds of sex we have, the differences and connections between desire and arousal, and how healthy lines of communication can improve your relationship and make you a better business leader. The guests on this episode are clinical psychologist and couples therapist Dr. Sue Johnson (Episode 62), psychotherapist Esther Perel (Episode 71), sex educator and author Emily Nagoski (Episode 66), psychologist and sex therapist Suzanne Iasenza (Episode 75), and business leader Kat Cole (Episode 117).


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