Fashioning a greener future, with Edzard van der Wyck, Sheep Inc co-founder


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Sheep Inc is a new kind of fashion brand and its knitwear leaves behind zero emissions, zero harm and zero waste. The attention to detail needed to create this kind of accountability is staggering - involving everything from sourcing wool from regenerative farms to solar-powered knitting machines. Even the sheep that produce the company's wool are fed food that makes them burp less – and produce less methane.

Sheep Inc is also a radically transparent brand and you can access entire provenance of your jumper by just scanning its tag. Mary as she talks to co-founder Edzard van der Wyck about what made him want to create this kind of fashion forward brand - and whether the industry as a whole is ever going to clean itself up.

Mary's new book, Rebuild: how to thrive in the new Kindness Economy is available to buy now.

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