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Are you considering bringing in outsourced staff for your growing business?

Yoni Kozminski, founder and CEO of MultiplyMii and Escala, hops on today’s episode to help us understand how to effectively onboard and manage offshore team members.

We talk about how and where to find the best Filipino talent, the roles you can outsource, the status of the BPO model, and heaps more!

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What we discussed in this episode:

  • Introduction [00:00]
  • How Yoni stumbled on the outsourcing business [03:47]
  • On value creation and finding Filipino talent [08:02]
  • Which business positions can you outsource? [12:40]
  • Is the BPO model dead? [17:54]
  • Why You Should Invest in Company Onboarding [21:15]
  • When is it time to hire a new team member? [24:40]

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About Our Guest:

Yoni Kozminski is the Founder & CEO of Escala, MultiplyMii, and several successful, yet less noteworthy ventures. MultiplyMii & Escala were started as social missions predicated on the desire to empower our amazing Filipino team by providing a stable and comfortable work environment for them to thrive.

He is a firm believer that in life, it must always be win/win. If at any stage someone is getting ‘the better end of the bargain,’ there is no partnership there.

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