The many unanswered questions in the 'Garage-gate' Biden document scandal


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The White House version of the 'Garage-gate' scandal is filled with lies, glaring omissions, and contradictions.

Why were Biden's lawyers cleaning out a closet if they were unaware about classified documents being stored? Shouldn't it have been a cleaning crew? Or did they in fact know there were secret docs hidden?

Why does the WH keep lying about the number of documents found? What information was in the documents?

How were they still finding MORE documents in the garage this past week, several months after the initial discovery? How long does it take to search one garage?

In addition, the Penn Biden office where the initial batch was found, opened in 2018--one year AFTER Biden left his job as VP. Where were the documents during that year?

In addition, Hunter Biden, who is compromised by China, had full access to the documents in Biden's home and garage.

Why are Biden's personal lawyerss going throgh these documents, and not FBI or DOJ????

Why do they they get to use honor systen, after Trump was treated like a spy?

How can anyone believe that Biden was unaware of so many sets of classified documents in MULTIPLE locations, some of which were labeled TOP SECRET in red lettering?

In addition, who leaked all this to the media and why?

Even CNN has thrown Biden under the bus, saying that the White House has misled the public and gave the impression they have something to hide.

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