Elon Musk Blasts Fauci for funding deadly research. Hunter Biden artwork sells for huge money. More Twitter files exposed.


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Elon Musk tweeted that his preferred pronouns are 'Prosecute / Fauci', setting off a firestorm in the mainstream media. Some defended Fauci and praised his 'public service', to which Musk replied that 'Fauci funded research that led to millions of deaths and lied to Congress.' Musk also implied that he has discovered proof that Fauci colluded with Twitter to suppress content that did not jibe with his Covid narrative.

PLUS: Hunter Biden artwork continues to sell for astronomical sums, over $200K. Either he is the next Picasso, or people are buying influence with the Biden crime family.

ALSO: More details from the Twitter Files: Why the Hunter Biden laptop was censored. Shadow banning of conervatives is not a conpsiracy theory, Trump and others were banned even though they did not violate Twitter policies. The FBI colluded with Twitter to censor conservatives.

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