Risk, Opportunity and How to Value Both


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From NFT scams to self-driving cars we are certainly living through interesting times.
I’ve called this period “The Great Transition”. A period when technology will fundamentally change the world economy in ways we haven’t seen since the industrial revolution. But unlike past transformations, this one will happen quickly leaving millions behind.
You might have heard this process referred to as “Creative Destruction”. It’s a time when old systems are dismantled to make way for new systems. It can be a scary time. Old institutions we’ve relied on will dissolve and new, untested systems will take it’s place. The older you are the more this tends to affect you. But even the young can suffer if they’re ill prepared for the transformation.
During times of creative destruction there are both risks and opportunities. Knowing how to evaluate each will determine how well you perform during this time. Today we discuss.
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