K: Michael Kamen, Daniel Kleinman, Burt Kwouk and more


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On this episode of The James Bond A-Z Podcast hosts Tom Butler, Brendan Duffy, and Tom Wheatley tackle the 007 kharacters and kreatives that fall under the letter K.

In this show you'll learn about:

Michael Kamen, the American composer on 'Licence To Kill'.

Daniel Kleinman, the commercials director who took over title credits duties from Maurice Binder from 'GoldenEye' onwards.

Burt Kwouk, the British actor with multiple Bond credits to his name, as well as a long and illustrious acting career.

We also look at the many characters that fall under K including: Milton Krest, Kamal Khan, Kincade, Elektra King, Rosa Klebb, Kristatos, Koskov, and Kananga.

And for no particular reason, we play a few games of the Kevin Bacon game.

James Bond will return... in next week's James Bond's A-Z Podcast.

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