Radical Slang From The 80’s & Today! Episode 5


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Are you guys READY for this!? Yep you read the title correctly. Jack & Madysyn are getting into all of the best (and worst) slang phrases you can imagine from the 80’s and of course comparing them to the hip new slang of today. Tune in as they try to decipher and use these funny words and phrases in ALL sorts of imaginative ways!

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Episode Breakdown:

-00:00 They’re FULL of surprises

-00:55 Not wasting any time!

-2:12 Bad means Good

-3:26 “Barf me out”

-5:25 Some things just don’t make sense

-7:36 Gross or MAXIMUM gross?

-9:09 Madysyn gives up

-11:05 Jack answers ANYTHING Madysyn asks

-12:20 The “right” effect

-18:20 Which phrases are we bringing back!?

-20:30 Madysyn’s ALL TIME FAVORITE movie, some might say she’s hip

-21:45 The tables have turned, but will Jack know any slang?

-28:34 This isn’t getting any easier…

-38:33 Something SO funny, you can’t even laugh

-41:50 Taking this slang to another level!


-46:50 A full circle moment & the cliffhanger of all cliffhangers

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