Madysyn’s Music Journey & Jack’s Pooter-Pranking Beginnings! Episode 2


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What does a life in music and pranking really look like? Jack & Madysyn take a stroll down memory lane as Madysyn shares the behind the scenes of her music making career, and Jack shares HIS favorite Madysyn songs along the way. Plus Jack shares what life was like BEFORE his Youtube Pranking debut, winning a Streamy Award and what his dream job would be. Tune in to catch their career journeys, origin stories, and what it was like making the move to Nashville that changed their lives. P.S you get to hear Madysyn sing!!

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Episode Breakdown:

-1:21 The move to Nashville & Madysyn’s first, favorite song- FALL FOR YOU

-5:20 Indie Pop is real and so is burnout

-7:30 What would your back-up career be? (Plan A & B)

-10:37 “You can make fart sounds and build a wonderful career”

-13:05 Squeaky Clean music vs.Filthy Music...P.S Chris farted

-17:47 Backup careers:

Madysyn =Returns to acting

Jack = Owns a drive-in-movie-theater

-20:30 Did you know Jack was in Pleasantville?

-21:00 What era would you choose to live in?

-23:56 Paving the way in the prank industry & keeping things Family-Friendly

-26:35 Everyone has different boundaries, what’s crossing the line when it comes to pranking?

-26:50 You can still fart on people and call yourself a Christian

-29:42 Stay OUT of the comments section!

-30:03 Should we NOT be pranking old people? Should we use The Pooter?

-34:35 What are the limitations to our art?

-39:20 “I won a Streamy award for best prank channel and then this happened…”

-46:42 Butterfly & Party Police are Jack’s FAVORITE Madysyn songs!

-52:14 A walk down Madysyn’s songwriting-memory-lane (she’s cringing btw)

-55:41 Party Police time! HERE WE GO!

-57:50 What were pranks like pre-youtube!?

-1:05:30 The owner of The Storytellers Museum is here!!

-1:10:00 Our favorite pranks ever

-1:12:30 “Laughter should be a regular part of somebody’s day…same thing with music. It extends your life”

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