Elvis & Family Talk At The Storytellers Museum! Episode 1


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Are you a music history junkie? Listen with the whole family as Jack Vale & his daughter Madysyn record in one of the COOLEST places in Tennessee: The Storytellers Museum. They talk about the music history that happened here that links back to Elvis Presley himself, the new Elvis movie, doing pranks for a living, and what it’s really like to grow up on YouTube & reality TV!

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Episode Breakdown:

1:38 "We’re recording amongst music history!"

7:31 Jack & Madysyn geek out on the Elvis movie

12:00 Fan girl-ing, does this even happen today?

19:38 How Jack got his start pranking on YouTube & now gets to produce movies!

21:18 This has always been a family business

21:52 Madysyn started pranking too in 5th grade!

23:40 Reflecting on Jack Vale Offline & The Pop Game show

29:22 The reality of Reality TV

32:40 Did you know Madysyn had several concussions?!

34:35 Madysyn singer, songwriter

35:35 Should Madysyn sing a cover of the Elvis song Trouble?!

40:40 Don’t forget to do your own fact checking when watching bio-pics! (like…the Elvis movie)

44:44 Look forward to guests in our up-coming episodes

46:20 "If you can come see this place we’re recording, you must come!"The Storytellers Museum

50:33 Madysyn’s podcast guest wishlist (some might be animals…)

53:21 Guess who owns forrestgump.com…it rhymes with Sack Bale

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