Episode 365 - Examining the Entrails


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In this episode we discuss:

(00:00) ep 365

(00:33) Introduction

(03:39) Victorian Election

(07:33) 3 Minutes of Sky News

(11:11) Murdoch Failure?

(14:14) Conspiracies

(18:23) Rowan Dean

(21:25) ABC

(23:25) Milton Dick

(26:29) The GGs Wife

(29:02) Jordan Peterson

(29:57) The State of Society

(37:04) Colorado Shooter

(38:51) A Missile into Poland

(42:42) Celebrities

(43:08) Elon Musk

(54:08) Protests in China

(56:30) Chips

(01:55) Venezuela

(01:02:17) Oil Price Cap

(01:05:23) The Plaza Accord

(01:08:26) Exchange Rate

(01:09:38) GDP

(01:12:37) The Yen Appreciates

(01:16:07) GDP Post Plaza Accord

(01:16:26) China Trade Comparison

(01:17:45) Final Thoughts

(01:23:53) Mr Anderson

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