Climate Change and The Future of Food with Matt Reynolds, WIRED UK


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In this podcast Melanie Boylan speaks with Matt Reynolds about his book The Future of Food, How to Feed the Planet Without Destroying it. We discuss gene sequencing, veganism, education, activism and so much more. Grab a cuppa and take part in the conversation today.

Matt Reynolds is the science editor at WIRED UK, where he edits and commissions stories about the environment, health, space and everything else about how science is changing the world. He’s particularly interested in the science of food and the impact that our diets have on the environment. His first book, The Future of Food: How to Feed the Planet Without Destroying it was published on September 16, 2021. Matt was previously a technology reporter at New Scientist.

With a global population estimated to reach nearly 10 billion by 2050, we face a huge challenge in feeding everyone on the planet. How is that to be achieved?

In this brilliantly insightful, one stop guide WIRED journalist Matt Reynolds assesses the limits and drawbacks of current food production and looks at the ways in which they can be tackled.

He considers the potential for lab-grown meat to replace inefficient livestock farming. He talks to the scientists hoping to perfect more productive and disease-resistant crops. He explores initiatives to make agriculture less environmentally damaging and to reduce food waste. And he addresses the fundamental question: how do we feed more people while using fewer of the Earth's resource.

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