Parenting Uncensored with Mike Julianelle from @dadandburied | Understanding What Parenting Is Really Like


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On today’s episode we have a very special guest and a special topic with Mike Julianelle from the hilarious Instagram page @dadandburied. His page is all about the truth of parenting and we discuss how he got into his platform, expressing his sarcastic and cynical opinions on what it’s like to be a parent. There’s no class or program out there that can truly prepare you for being a parent, but jumping in and becoming one yourself is really the one way to understand what it’s like to be one and it’s not always sunshine and roses. Mike talks about the importance of finding the fun in life and parenting to balance things out and because of the hard nature of it.
How his page started 1:08
Being honest about parenting 4:14
Helping parents know they’re not alone 12:09
There’s no way to prepare 20:33
When you have your first baby 27:14
Finding the fun in it all 34:26
“Nobody likes getting unsolicited parenting advice from anybody, but getting it from somebody who doesn’t have kids is outrageous. I went to a cookout years ago and one of my brother’s friends who doesn’t have kids, but who was an uncle to his own brother’s kids was talking about ‘Oh I know what to do, I took them to the zoo, I did all this.’ I’m like look, you had them for two hours for a weekend and then you dropped them off. Of course it was easy, of course it was fun. It is not the same as the 24/7, 365 grind that really wears on you day in and day out.”

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