E325 - Choosing The Right Investment Team: Know, Like, and Trust - Steven Pesavento


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With any business, part of taking it to the next level is building the right team that will support the success and growth of the company. When you start in real estate, it is simply just buying a business and running it more effectively than others. So choosing the right team that you know, like and trust is just as important. Steven shares his experiences and knowledge that will help you choose the right team as you begin your investment adventure.

Key Takeaways

  1. The benefit of investing with a large team is the responsibilities are distributed across multiple different people who have expertise and disciplines in those different areas.
  2. When passive investing, who you invest with is broken down to who you know, like, and trust.
  3. Ensure the ones you are working with have the experience and are changing their investment tactics based on different market cycles.
  4. Be the dumbest person in every room because that means that you are hiring and bringing on great people who you believe in and trust in their ability.
  5. When you're partnering with someone for 3-5-10 years, it's important that there's an alignment there so a Managing Principal, or an Investor Relations Manager, is there to make sure that there's an alignment, and that you can get that information that you need.

Resources Mentioned

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