E260 - Value-Add with Income Producing Solar Panels - Steven Pesavento


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In a follow-up to last week’s episode about value-adding with reduced expenses, Steven continues to share his strategies on adding value to the property. This episode is about solar panels and even though they can seem expensive, in the long-term they will provide a significant value-add to your property. Steven discusses his current project that is doing just that.

Do not miss these highlights:

  1. Installing income-producing solar will reduce expenses, adding value as well
  2. One of the biggest expenses that most projects deal with even on non-master metered properties, is the cost of electricity
  3. If we create power below the market rate, we're able to create a massive amount of income for the property
  4. Having the right relationships can significantly decrease the cost of installing solar panels
  5. A solar power system is low maintenance in the long-term

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