Self-Sovereign Coordination with Christopher Goes of Anoma


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Christopher Goes of Anoma Network joins The Interop to explain this novel blockchain design and its applications in self-sovereign privacy preserving coordination mechanisms. We also dive into IBC and the future of blockchain infrastructure modularity. Topics: 00:00:00 Introduction and background 00:04:55 Anoma's vision and core principles 00:11:40 Statements of intent and counter-party discovery 00:17:00 Information loss in economic transactions 00:25:17 Layers of the Anoma stack 00:30:24 Privacy by design 00:33:10 Practical applications built on Anoma 00:38:45 Where Anoma fits in the modular blockchain vision 00:45:55 How blockchains will modularize 00:51:25 Cosmos stack in the modular blockchain vision 00:56:43 Will block production become commoditized? 01:00:30 Challenges with blockchain interoperability 01:07:05 Future of IBC 01:11:46 CosmWasm on the Cosmos Hub? Links: - Anoma: - Anoma Specification: - Namada: The Interop is hosted by Sebastien Couture:

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