Interoperable Infrastructure for Modular DeFi with Brainjar of Composable Finance


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Consider staking your EVMOS with Interop Ventures ➡️ ------------------------------------ TOPICS 00:00:00 - Introduction 00:01:17 - Brainjar's background 00:07:53 - The vision behind Composable 00:14:28 - Similarities to the Port Control Protocol 00:18:47 - Thoughts on IBC and LayerZero 00:21:27 - The different layers of the stack 00:34:25 - CosmWasm vs CosmosSDK 00:36:40 - The VM and the different types of finality 00:39:41 - Participants in the routing 00:42:35 - Oracles and collators 00:43:17 - The use of RelayerSets 00:44:33 - Mosaic 00:46:56 - Expanding the IBC 00:51:08 - Fungibility between chains 00:53:48 - The role of the proposed DEX 00:56:25 - The Polkadot ecosystem outlook 01:02:32 - Roadmap and upcoming milestones LINKS Composable Finance: The Face of DeFi’s Future: Our Vision for Composable Finance: Composable Finance Whitepaper: The Composable Parachain: our vision for an interoperable ecosystem: Composable Finance: GUESTS Brainjar: ------------------------------------ SOCIAL MEDIA Sebastien Couture: The Interop:

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