Cross-chain Oracles with Jakub Wojciechowski of RedStone


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Jakub Wojciechowski of RedStone joins The Interop to discuss cross-chain oracles and optimistic smart contracts on Arweave. Richard Caetano of Akord joins to co-host this episode as my trusted Arweave expert. Topics: 00:00:00 Introductions 00:04:47 What's unique about Arweave 00:08:43 Why build an other oracle 00:12:35 What is a cross-chain oracle 00:15:31 Challenges of building cross-chain oracles 00:18:10 Dexes as oracles 00:24:13 RedStone stack and incentives 00:31:00 Smart contracts on Arweave 00:41:07 Composability trade-offs 00:47:00 Arweave use cases 00:48:28 RedStone and the cross-chain thesis 00:59:10 Arweave economics Links: - Redstone: - Redstone Contracts: - Akord: The Interop is hosted by Sebastien Couture:

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