Episode 26 - The Internet of Things chat with iot-inc.coms Bruce Sinclair


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I have been a longtime fan of Bruce Sinclair's IoT-inc Business Show podcast, so when he asked to come on the IoT Heroes show, I was delighted. "Of course you can Bruce, I'd be honoured."

Bruce has just published his new book, so we talked about that, as well as the current state of the Internet of Things

Bruce's book is titled "IoT Inc: How Your Company Can Win in the Outcome Economy" and it is available on Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/IoT-Inc-Company-Internet-Business/dp/1260025896/ref=pd_lutyp_simh_1_1

Bruces's media site: http://www.iot-inc.com

Bruce's site (consulting, training, speaking, etc..): http://www.brucesinclair.net

Enjoy :)

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