Ep. 205 - A Richness of Embarrassments, with Kelsey Lewin


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Co-Director of the Video Game History Foundation and Co-Owner of Pink Gorilla Games Kelsey Lewin rejoins the panel to cover twitch leaks, EVE Oncrime, and the most difficult boss fight in the Braid franchise.

Questions this week:

  1. Previously on Insert Credit: Does the intended commercial reach of a game have any meaningful impact on it as a creative product? (03:37)
  2. How would the game industry change if everyone’s salaries were completely transparent? (08:15)
  3. From Ash Parrish: What would be the most interesting reveal if your gaming information leaked? (12:46)
  4. What is the most excited you have been by a video game as an adult? (19:21)
  5. Who would be the worst video character to sit next to on an international flight? (24:46)
  6. Dirtbag Larry Bang asks: Which video games surprised you with the feeling of inhabiting a specific character? (30:58)
  7. What are the most exciting crimes in video game history? (37:39)
  8. Is there any way the Gamergate TV show could be even remotely a good idea? (45:02)
  9. Violence Island (50:05)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Who Is This For? (01:06:09)

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