#17: Adventures In Creating Unstoppable Teams In High Growth Startups w/ Fahd Alhattab


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Key Takeaways:
  • [08:01] Fahd shared how he got involved in leadership programs. He does many gigs in high schools and universities and helps with student leadership. But he had no idea that he could make a career out of it.
  • [17:52] One of Fahd’s friends has his own startup and has many challenges. He asks for Fahd’s help to do a workshop on personality dynamics and how to work better together.
  • [20:59] Fahd continued to teach at the University of Ottawa, where they teach leadership development, social innovation, social impact, using problem-based skills, and social studies to innovate.
  • [25:36] Fahd explained that team bonding games are like a silly social activity meant to break down barriers and put us all on the same level.
  • [28:46] The team building aspects are the unique pieces where you work on the team and what needs to happen.
  • [33:54] Fahd shares a story of transformation where they helped a company scale.
  • [41:49] Fahd knows they’re impacting by measuring employee engagement scores and revenue per employee.
  • [47:02] They’ve also had clients who outgrow them. For Fahd, it’s a sad moment but also an appreciated moment.
  • [53:25] What Fahd sees happening in the future is Cohort-Based Learning.
  • [57:18] Fahd says they are truly investing in their people to learn. You’re not going to build a unicorn product without unicorn people. You’re not going to build a unicorn company without investing in constant learning and development.

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