Reinventing Yourself For The Next Big Thing with Former NFL Player Clay Harbor


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If you’ve ever found yourself at a pivotal point in your career where you needed to reinvent yourself or shift your identity, then today’s episode is for you! Our guest today is an incredible individual who has consistently used discipline, routine, and hard work to achieve great things. Many of our listeners will already be familiar with Clay Harbor from the nine years he spent playing for the NFL, his memorable appearances on The Bachelorette, or his health and fitness brand; which includes an impressive social media presence that boasts more than 240 thousand followers on Instagram alone. After a series of injuries left Clay unable to continue his football career, he decided to ask himself what else he was passionate about and what he wanted to be known for going forward. In our conversation, Clay shares what this transitional time was like for him, how he hoped to use his appearance on The Bachelorette as a stepping stone to a larger goal, and how a disciplined routine has been integral to his success in life and business. We also discuss how Clay and his brother transcended their challenging circumstances, why Clay is passionate about dedicating his life to helping others, and how Brand Builders Group helped Clay further establish his personal brand. Tune in today for a fascinating conversation with a truly inspirational and humble individual on how to find success and build your brand, one small step at a time!

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