005 Security Week! Time to Evolve Your Security Thinking with Robin Tatam


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005 Welcome to SECURITY WEEK on The incredible i Show.

I have a great week planned for you. I have interviews included Robin Tatam – from HelpSystems, Carol Woodbury and John Vanderwall with DXR Security and Robert Andrews and Thom Haze both well known IBM security experts.
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Security Week is sponsored by the Kisco. Justin Loeber CEO of Kisco, joins me for a quick conversation about their products and services later in the week.

Let's get going! On this episode, security expert Robin Tatum stops by to discuss why we need to evolve our thinking around security on the IBM i and how you can get started checking security items off your list.
Robin Tatem, CISM, CPFA, CPSP, CTMA, PCI-P, Director of Security Technologies for HelpSystems, COMMON speaker and volunteer, IBM i Champion, and security expert bar none!
Email: robin.tatam@helpsystems.com
One incredible Th(i)ng! Products, gadgets, recipes, music, or things we are loving right now.
Robin's pick for the week:
Traveling! Back on the road to visit family, customers and seeing sites around the global.
Peg's pick for the week:
Pumpkin Spiced Lattes from Starbucks! Or made at home with your favorite recipe!
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