Teaching a Grounding Technique & Answering Questions


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We started out with a beautiful grounding technique followed by answering questions from HSPs!

“Tips for staying calm no matter what the outcome of the US election!”☺️

“I am amazed at how little I know about my own emotions. I am now using emotions wheels to help me identify emotions when they occur. I thought (assumed!) that I knew what emotions were when they occurred. Thanks to you I am listening and learning so much.”

“What is the connection with Sensitives and overeating for comfort? Especially as I get older I’d like to be good to my body with healthful eating.”

"I'm new to this community and so excited to be here. I have recently started working in non profit work as a mental health counselor, love the work, but means back-to-back clients, never-ending paperwork, and being on the short road to burnout! I want to accrue enough hours to get licensed so this job is where I'll likely stay for the next 2 years but I end the day feeling so wired and tired, anxious, flushed, my sleep's suffering... As a fellow therapist, any advice for newbie therapists? Thanks!"

"What are your favorite resources for HSPs who are also empaths?"

"My dog is having seizures, how do you recommend I handle this situation emotionally at the time he is having his seizures?"

"Is being skeptical a trait of being HSP? I find especially more lately that I am very skeptical of people & their motives?"

"I had some friendship trauma in my teens and early 20s which made me feel afraid to develop new friendships for years….I want to be open and honest about my past traumas when appropriate, but I have a fear of judgment around friendships. Do you have any advice on how I could share my experience of friendships in an empowered way?"

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