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Your body gives you intake within your intuition every day.

It gives you extra important information, helps with making decisions, knowing what’s right for you, if you can trust someone, and gives you cues about what you need for your health and well-being.

What body cues do you observe when something isn't quite right?

What does your intuition feel like when something is right for you?

In what ways does your intuition help you?

Intuitive healing energy can be powerful in HSPs. Believe in healing and stay open to receiving it.

We have an extra level of conscious awareness and stronger intuition, giving us additional information and a deeper understanding.

4 main types of intuition

  • Clairsentience: most common, involves feelings: physical feelings, emotional feelings, or energetic feelings. intuitive hits, pick up on other people's energies and emotions, feeling other people's energies and emotions as if they were their own.
  • Claircognizance: thoughts that seem to just drop into your head. Suddenly, you just know, like an intuition "download"
  • Clairaudience: sounds like someone talking in your mind, calm and clear.
  • Clairvoyance: It can look like a flash of a mental image or scene and is often symbolic or metaphorical.

How to strengthen and tap into your intuition

  • Quiet the mind, focus on the breath, and listen to and scan your body every day.
  • Balance the sensitive nervous system, giving yourself daily alone time, time in nature, meditation, mindfulness, and slowing down
  • Protect your energy and separate your energy from others (Grounding/Shielding)
  • Practice boundaries around anyone that lowers your vibration.
  • Consciously spend time in positive spaces with higher vibrational energy. Be around others who support your gifts
  • Tune into the body. Are you sending loving energy to your body? Are you talking to your body with self-love? Are you taking care of your physical body with love? Are you moving your body in healthy ways? These are all conscious ways to open even more to our intuition.
  • Listen to your body If your body is tired, rest. If your body needs something, pay attention, and prioritize that need.

We don't help the world by taking on its pain.

  • Separate, ground, and protect your energy.
  • Develop tools for what you need.
  • Be compassionate and loving with yourself.
  • Send positive energy into your body every day.
  • Trust and value your intuition.

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