Exploring Nontraditional Relationships for HSPs with Sarah Mathews, LMFT


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My goal for this conversation with Sarah is that we open minds to the possibility that sometimes what’s been traditionally taught to us might not work for us and that we are free to explore what does! I want to normalize that doing things differently is OK! I want to normalize that doing things that work for us is a good thing!
I spent many years forcing myself into the boxes that were given to me that never quite fit and it’s my mission to help HSPs hear the messages that it’s ok to do something non-traditional.
For example, I think many HSPs want to have separate sleeping spaces or live separately and I’ll share some of my personal experiences with that with the hope to normalize it and show that there are many different ways to be in relationships that can sometimes work better for HSPs. You don’t even have to be in a relationship either! Many HSP Empaths especially find it feels better being single. Our goal is to normalize what feels best to you.
Sarah shares her personal experiences with polyamory and ethical non-monogamous relationships in hopes that we open minds to the fact that there are many different ways to be in relationships.
I personally love the idea of no labels, no boxes, no “shoulds” and creating our own way based on what intuitively feels right for us.
Part of empowerment for me means freedom to live in the way that works for us and acceptance and openness to many different ways of doing things!

Sarah is a marriage and family therapist practicing in Minneapolis, MN and specializes in highly sensitive individuals, relationships, and sexuality. She is bisexual and polyamorous and believes there are many ways to have fulfilling, healthy, and thriving relationships.

Sarah Mathews MA, LMFT



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