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Lena Laki

Lena Laki is a German-born indie-folk singer/songwriter based in Athens.

Her Debut EP "Take Me With" has received radio play on radio stations such as BBC Radio, and acclaim from international media. Gigslutz (UK) made her the 'Discovery of the Week', hailing Lena as “One of those ultimately talented musicians it is essential to appreciate“, while Love is Pop (US) declared Lena’s material as "Magical music... nothing short of gorgeous."

Her music can be described as dark and dreamy indie folk with a hint of jazz.

Influences range from Leonard Cohen and Nick Drake to Radiohead and Goldfrapp.

"Dream folk with a hint of gold to soothe your soul." (Phoenix Session, UK)




Ami Indigo

As a multi-passionate mama, musician, artist, and pattern-shifter I like to use my creativity in a variety of ways to inspire healing and the Inner Journey. I know I look human but let’s be totally honest…I’m actually made of wildflowers, courage, teardrops, and starlight.

I’m HSP intuitive and tend to have a little extra Vata energy swirling around. My nervous system demands I go at a gentle pace and sometimes I’m annoyed having to ground my airy-faerie butt.

As a narcissism abuse survivor I’ve had to do a lot of healing around people-pleasing and co-dependence. I used to believe there wasn’t anything “more sparkles” couldn’t solve until one loss after another knocked the sparkles out of me and pushed me down a dark corridor. I lost my boobs, my ovaries, my health, my mom and my dog all in very short succession. The gift in that gritty loss journey was a realization that I am valuable and worthy “As Is”…no sparkles needed.

My creations are for people wanting to dwell more deeply with their divine sunshine rays and infuse self-love into their lives. I hope you find something here that helps you feel refreshed and inspires the inner journey.

Links to Ami Indigo's music can be found by clicking on these links below or on your preferred streaming platform.
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Ada Ketchie and Nathan Getzin from Wakes Life

Ada Ketchie and Nathan Getzin are alchemists of the human heart, helping people cultivate greater mindfulness, healing, and self-actualization through the ineffable power of music. As co-founders of Wakes they use their expertise as musicians, storytellers, yoga teachers, healers, and coaches to create experiences that offer radical transformation of mind, body and spirit. Their mission is to help people heal what hurts, grow thriving relationships, and awaken to true and lasting presence, purpose, and resilience. They do this by creating immersive sound healing experiences, meditations, intimate concerts, retreats, individual and group coaching, and providing online resources and support.

Stay in touch with Ada & Nathan and receive a Free Morning Musical Mediation at their website: https://wakes.life


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