50. Rochelle Weitzner is the menopause skincare OG


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It’s hard to believe that when Rochelle Weitzner launched her company in 2019, Pause-Well Aging was the first to target the wide-open menopause space. The beauty industry veteran ran or helped run brands like Erno Laszlo, Laura Mercier Cosmetics and RéVive Skincare before she started having hot flashes, brain fog and other “experiences”, leading her to start thinking about entering the well-aging (never anti) space in an entirely new, pretty badass way. And she just won the Female Founder of the Year award from CEW cosmetics (sharing it with Bobbi Brown).


  • The two big walls she encountered when starting out
  • How menopause marketing is censored on Google
  • Her big pet peeve about the “gua sha” trend
  • How the Pause-Well fascia stimulating tool works
  • What helped her own menopause (and what complicated it)
  • Why she doesn’t like the word "symptoms"
  • What people get wrong about clean beauty
  • Peptides, collagen, parabens + formaldehyde
  • Where we are on “menowashing”
  • The one big thing she did for her own health
  • Menopause as a “passage to power”
  • Why she trademarked "Well-Aging"
  • Her dream for the future

Where to find Rochelle and Pause Well-Aging:

Web: Pausewellaging.com
Instagram: @pausewellaging; @rochelleweitzner
Twitter: @pausewellaging
TikTok: @pausewellaging

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