48. How Irene Ndagire launched Menopause Uganda


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Ann Marie McQueen speaks to Irene Ndagire, a physiotherapist based in Kampala, Uganda.
She runs the Women’s Health Foundation, launched in 2014, and has been advising women on all aspects of menopause. She recently launched Menopause Uganda to help even more people menopause symptoms, fear and other issues associated with the transition. She's also doing something that people working for menopause awareness have not been able to do – involve men. Although women in Uganda face some unique circumstances, you will hear that our similarities are much more than our differences.
Among the topics:

  • How Irene got interested in menopause (her mother's was not so hot) (4.05)
  • The biggest fear of women in Uganda (5.00)
  • What women are experiencing in terms of symptoms (6.10)
  • How they got men involved (6.45)
  • Why most women don't take HRT in Uganda (8.30)
  • Food is menopause medicine (9.15)
  • Walking is a great exercise but... (12.30)
  • Hot flashes are big in Uganda too (13.50)
  • Menopause = old (16.15)
  • The first menopause research in Uganda (18.55)
  • What they need to help support women (20.50)
  • How Irene got her nickname (24.20)

Where to find Menopause Uganda:
Web: Whfuganda.org
Twitter: @MenopauseUg
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