52. Esther Blum is going to sort your perimenopause out


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Esther Blum is an integrative dietitian and lifestyle coach based in New York City. She’s a bestselling author and has been on a number of the top US shows including Dr Oz and the Goop Podcast. In her fifth and latest book, See You Later, Ovulator, she draws on 27+ years in nutritional counseling as well as her own personal experience to give women the resources they need to find the exact treatment, testing and follow up they need to start feeling like themselves again. (This is a woman who used to research how to get over hangovers, so she doesn’t expect you to live like a monk.)

In this podcast we cover:

• Esther’s own perimenopause experience
• ‘Rampant negligence’ about menopause in medicine
• All the tests she does
• Why ‘normal is not optimal’
• The things you need to sort out before you go on hormone therapy
• The power of progesterone
• Why drinking alcohol and HRT don’t mix
• Why and when you need carbs
• How the birth control pill complicates everything
• The awesome things about this time of life

Stay tuned to the end for her giveaway, too.

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Instagram: @gorgeousesther
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