#227 - Ming 17: The Cao Qin Rebellion


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Emperor Yingzong is back on his throne thanks to the conspirators loyal to him. Only they turn out to be not so much loyal to "him," as they are to the idea that they should have more and more power. It all culminates with yet another coup d'etat..真讨厌...

Time Period Covered:

1457-1464 CE

Major Historical Figures:

Emperor Yingzong (Zhu Qizhen) [r. 1435-1449, 1457-1464]

Crown Prince Zhu Jianshen [b. 1448]

Yu Qian, Minister of War [d. 1457]

Xu Yuzhen, Earl of Wugong [?]

Shi Heng, Duke of Zhongguo [d. 1459]

Cao Zhixiang, Director of Ceremonies [d. 1461]

Grand Secretary Li Xian

Imperial Guard Commander Lu Gao [d. 1461]

General Cao Qin [d. 1461]

General Shi Biao [?]

General Sun Tang

General Ma Ang

General Wu Jin

General Wu Cong

Commander Ma Liang

Commissioner Wanzhe Tuliang

Vice Commissioner-in-Chief Esen Temur

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