HBH 42: Alexander the Great's Amazing Life and Mysterious Death


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Alexander was a prodigy in all things military and administrative, as unaccountably great in his own field as Mozart was in music or Michelangelo in art. By age 32, he had conquered the mightiest empire ever known and extended the boundaries of his kingdom to the edges of the known world. Against men, beasts, and entire armies, Alexander never lost a battle. But in the prime of his life and the apex of his power, he became ill and soon died. What, exactly, conquered the greatest conqueror the world had ever known? Infectious disease? Battle wounds? Prodigious drinking? Neurological or hereditary illnesses, or murder most foul and insidious? On this episode we speak with Professor Philip Freeman, author of the acclaimed biographgy of Alexander, about the death (and life) of one of the most influential figures in the history of being human. Please see Dr. Freeman's bio and bibliography here: philipfreemanbooks.com. Buy his book on Alexander, Hannibal, St. Patrick -- they are all highly readable and accessible but represent the best scholarship you would expect from a chaired professor of classical philology. Art Work by Ian Armstrong

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