Family: Nuptial Agreements


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Alfred Ip and Raphael Wong discuss nuptial agreements – prenuptial and postnuptial. They talk about enforceability, legal representation, assets disclosure and renegotiation, as in the high-profile rumored case of Melania Trump and the former US President. They also compare such arrangements for protecting financial assets using Family Trusts and give real-life examples about how individual situations might differ.

Show Notes02:59 What is a nuptial agreement? 06:16 Are family trusts an alternative? 07:30 Radmacher v Granatino 09:12 Enforceability of nuptial agreements 12:17 Legal representation of the parties 12:58 Full and frank disclosure 17:17 Reviewing and renegotiating agreements 19:23 Choice of law and choice of court 21:29 To sum up

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