The One With Elizabeth Upton


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My next guest is the rockstar podcast host and entrepreneur Elizabeth Upton!
Elizabeth is a VP, Career Strategy Expert, & Executive Coach who created the Quarterly Design System™. This unique process helps you to redesign your business systems and organize your life so you can thrive and achieve maximum productivity. Her model simplifies your actions (and your team’s) and aligns you with your big picture goals in a powerful way. Elizabeth has been featured in Yahoo Finance, Fox, NBC, CBS, and the Boston Herald among others.
She is also the Founder & Host of the Mind Your Own Business Podcast; where business professionals across all industries (marketing, PR, finance, sales, personal dev, health, self-care) share their strategies and tips to set highly-driven business owners up for success. The MYOB Podcast is at the top of the Apple charts, in 5 countries and 2 categories. You can subscribe, listen, & watch Season 1 on Apple Podcast & YouTube.
Buckle up—she’s a firecracker and a force to be reckoned with!
You can connect with Elizabeth at the following locations:
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