Colin Cowherd Podcast Prime Cuts - Ian O’Connor on Jeter Legacy, Nick Wright on Rodgers Trips, Niners Camp with John Middlekauff


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This is Prime Cuts! The best of The Colin Cowherd Podcast. First, (3:00) Colin lists his ‘Super Bowl Bubble’ teams that are good enough to bring home a Lombardi, and which teams are sitting outside looking in. He also explains why he’d avoid letting Hard Knocks in the door at all costs, and how Kevin Durant’s career would be better if he never met social media.

Then, Ian O'Connor -- NY Post columnist and author of Coach K: The Rise and Reign of Mike Krzyzewski Belichick, and The Captain -- reacts to the new Derek Jeter doc The Captain (12:00), explains the contrast between the careers of A-Rod and Jeter legacies, how George Steinbrenner influenced the dynasty, and if Tom Brady should be catching more heat for discussing Dolphins ownership in his final Pats season.

Then, First Things First co-host - and host of the What's Wright? podcast - Nick Wright looks at what’s behind Aaron Rodgers offseason Ayahuasca trips, why Belichick is making the head scratching move appointing Matt Patricia as play caller, and if Andy Reid can surpass Belichick as the G.O.A.T football coach.

Colin and 3 and Out podcast Host John Middlekauff tries to pinpoint who’s to blame for the current state of the Giants, if they should bottom out or sign Jimmy G, and what he's seen from Trey Lance at Niners camp.

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