The Heartland POD Aug 15, 2022 | MO Marijuana MO Problems? - Gov. Goldfish Is Back In The Bowl - A New Middle Ground In Politics & John Wood in MO - Trump's Bad Week & Biden's Positive Momentum


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  1. True or False - “MO Weed MO problems?” Missouri’s MJ Ballot Initiative Is The Right Answer For MO Weed in proposed Amendment 3


    2. Crossing Paths PAC


  1. Yeah…NO - The Goldfish is BACK! Gov. Mike Parson is on a heater this week

    1. Rachel - please do the honors

      1. Trump search warrant

      2. Tax Cuts Instead of Using Surplus

      3. The crown jewel here - Parson’s admin needs bailed out by Biden Admin


        2. The scary liberal administrative state - to save the day?

  2. Buy or Sell - John Wood v. Eric Schmitt is the story of the 2022 Senate Race, post primary in Missouri

    1. Impact on down ballot - New competitive districts in MO

    2. Any chance that Andrew Yang and the “Forward party” play a role here?

    3. New PAC - Missouri Stands United - clearly the John Wood pac


  1. Wood on twitter going pretty hard at Schmitt




  1. Big One - National picture, quite a whirlwind week for President Biden and former President Trump

    1. compare and contrast - Biden’s last 2 weeks v. Trump’s last 2 weeks

    2. Part of the GOP wants desperately to move on from 2020, but Trump is like the the one good scene from Godfather III - everytime I’m out, they pull me back in

      1. - Trump had candidates win,

      2. Biden passing legislation,

      3. inflation numbers are good,

      4. job numbers are good,

      5. gas prices coming down,

      6. Trump gets the FBI in his house and then pleads the 5th in a deposition.

      7. Ann Wagner is still a see-you-next-Tuesday:

      8. Laura (super fan) FTW:

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