The Link Between Fat Malabsorption, Gallstone Disease, and Hashimoto's


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Annually, more than 750,000 individuals undergo Gallbladder removal in the United States. I was prompted to research this topic due to gallbladder complications of my own and found an interesting link with Hashimoto’s disease.

On today’s show I will review my research on how fat malabsorption, gallstone disease, and Hashimoto’s are linked. I will review how fats are normally digested, what fat malabsorption is, what gallstone disease is, what some of the treatment options are, and some simple action steps you can take now to get some relief whether you still have a gallbladder or not.

. For those of you who are listening and feel overwhelmed with how to navigate all the lifestyle changes and modifications related to your autoimmune disease, how to find work/life balance, how to get your family to support your needs along the way, how to find the right workout or nutrition plan for you, or simply need accountability and support to keep on track, I’d be honored to walk alongside you on your journey.

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