Episode 308: Anger After Suicide & Restarting Medication


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Hello, friends. In this episode, I answer two questions sent in which address learning to navigate life and your emotions after a very close family member commits suicide, along with how to tackle anxiety and depression and whether it’s right to restart medication.

Disclaimer: I’m going to be talking about suicide. There is variation in the way people use language surrounding suicide. Some people prefer to always say death by suicide. Some people never use the word and instead say things like taking one’s own life etc. I’m just going to say the word suicide, and I’m going to be saying it a lot. It’s not a boogie man. It’s also not all one thing. There are a variety of reasons that suicide may occur. There are many circumstances in which suicide occurs partially because someone was too afraid to talk about it. For that reason, I advocate for talking about it openly and plainly. Suicidality is an issue that many people live with and I want to normalize discussion about it.

Question 1:

Hi there. There is a lot of talk about suicide and suicidal ideation out there but nowhere can I find a video or podcast to help the people who are left behind.

I witnessed my elderly father’s suicide 14 months ago. He had already shot himself when I got to the house and I was with him in his final moments. You can only imagine the terrible scene I witnessed that replays in my mind. I spoke very poorly to him in those moments calling him a “F****** SOB” and “how could you do this to our family”. Of course, this has caused me a lot of guilt but at the same time I am still so very angry at him that I really do not even mourn his death. Any advice is appreciated.

Thank you

Question 2:

Hey Robert just came across your page. Definitely gonna start listening to your podcast. I just wanted to ask some advice. A loved one of mine has kind of dealt with bad anxiety/depression her whole life. About 2yrs ago she started on 20mg cipralex (lexapro in Canada). She described it as it got rid of the anxiety but also got rid of all the good feelings she got tired of feeling numb and quit cold turkey. (That was rough) Lately she has been feeling some days that she needs to get back on it. What could you recommend supplement/food/ activity-wise for her to begin healing herself. Thank you in advance.

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