66. Entrepreneurial Blood


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Welcome to episode 66 of The GYST Life Podcast. We’re joined by Judith Vergara, a lifestyle entrepreneur who grew up in the Philippines and now resides here in Calgary. Today we talk about growing up with housekeepers, coming out of retirement in your mid-twenties, and humanity plus business models. Judith shares about the pros and cons of living in the Philippines with privilege and an opportunity to take over the family business versus moving to Canada, starting from scratch and being exposed to opportunities that she had no reason to look for in the Philippines. Now that Judith has found success in her chosen field, she is now innovating on those structures and supporting others to increase their odds of success in a lifestyle business. Judith is out to even the playing field in the internet business space. Listen in and enjoy as our guest shares what's possible when you put people first and you share your knowledge and resources to support others.

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