A Day on Purpose E9 - Laurie Mackay - Take the Meandering Path.


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You know you’re on your path to purpose if you’re enjoying it. If you’re not, keep opening different doors.

This path to purpose is one that Laurie has been on for a long time and when she asks herself if she’s found her purpose yet, she is reminded of the fact that for her she really enjoys taking the meandering path of getting somewhere. Whether it’s traveling or studying for her it’s been about the journey

But for some of us it’s a real challenge to work that practice into our lives. We’ve been told at one point or another of all this potential we have and so faced with this pressure of getting to the end faster for fear of wasting this untapped precious resource. Yet still lacking the clarity of what IT is for us. Laurie shares some really great perspectives on how to handle those that mean well along the way to purpose.

For Laurie It took getting a degree in economics under her belt to see there were other doors that still needed, wanted to be opened.

Keep going! You’re well on your way.



On June 20th, A Day on Purpose is bringing together a fantastic community of speakers and presenters. People like you and me, at various stages of uncovering their own purpose. It will be a day of stories and discovery that will work to make a very high level and at times hard to understand topic relatable and uncomplicated.

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