A Day on Purpose E6: Evan Weselake - Be Ok With You.


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Be ok with you.

Some of the coolest people you’ll ever meet are figuring it out. What’s cool is that they’re all in and trying to figure it out and what you’ll realize if you don’t yet already is that discovery is really cool. Whether it’s your PhD or an extreme sport It’s not about what you’re doing but why you’re doing it. What do you LOVE about what you’re involved in? The performance is a very fleeting thing, but the experience of why you’re in it and what you’ve been called to experience and the adversity of the journey, THAT is it.

You cannot add up the numbers like you would a goal. Your purpose does not have numbers attached to it. It has values, contributions, experience but It is not a quantified measure.


On June 20th, the first ever “Day on Purpose Conference” will be happening here in Calgary.

A Day on Purpose is bringing together a fantastic community of speakers and presenters. People like you and me, at various stages of uncovering their own purpose. It will be a day of stories and discovery that will work to make a very high level and at times hard to understand topic relatable and uncomplicated.

You are brave enough to start the journey and we’d love for you to join us.

Conference details can be found here:


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