A Day on Purpose E5 - Laura Wikant - You Likely Already Know Your Purpose.


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Life tends to go this way…

You do one thing, it then opens the doors to something else and you either choose to pursue that or not. We pick the next “logical” thing as we move through and take advantage of the options presented to us along the way. But how often have you looked back at the choices you’ve taken, and how they were all connected? You might be surprised by what you find.

Laura Wikant shares more about her journey to discovering what was already there the whole time for her and what gets in our way as we venture forward to discover our purpose.


On June 20th, the first-ever “Day on Purpose Conference” will be happening here in Calgary.

A Day on Purpose is bringing together a fantastic community of speakers and presenters. People like you and me, at various stages of uncovering their own purpose. It will be a day of stories and discovery that will work to make a very high level and at times hard to understand topic relatable and uncomplicated.

You are brave enough to start the journey and we’d love for you to join us.

Conference details can be found here:


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