A Day on Purpose E1: Holly Kelly talks about the power of the heart


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We have forgotten our place. We know this, we experience this daily and It’s time to stop ignoring it. Humans are but one thread in the web of life, we didn't create the web, and we can’t control the web.

Are you listening? Like really listening? It is the difference-maker. There is a richness to the story that’s being told between the lines, through our bodies, and from the land. If we would only stop and listen.

New science is expanding our understanding of just how powerful our hearts are at transmitting waves into the world. 5,000 times more powerful than our brains in fact.

How do we then connect to our hearts and our inherent wildness? Holly speaks more about this on the podcast.


On June 20th the first ever “Day on Purpose Conference” will be happening here in Calgary.

A Day on Purpose is bringing together a fantastic community of speakers and presenters. People like you and me, at various stages of uncovering their own purpose. It will be a day of stories and discovery that will work to make a very high level and at times hard to understand topic relatable and uncomplicated.

You are brave enough to start the journey and we’d love for you to join us.

Conference details can be found here:


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