#12: David Spinks, Community Marketing: The New Growth Driver


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David Spinks is the founder of the largest network of community professionals, CMX. In 2019 David sold CMX to Bevy.com and became their VP of community. His book, The Business of Belonging, is described as an "epic journey into the world of community building."

This episode discusses the drive towards using community as a marketing tool to grow businesses, including B2B and SaaS. Later in the episode, David answers questions from our own community.

Topics Discussed:
- The difference between and audience and a community

- Growing communities in B2B SaaS

- Monitoring community activity to identify touch points

- Community led growth

- Build communities around the industry not products

- Companies acquiring communities

- Community builders are creators

- Empowering people in the community to take on leadership roles

- The importance of community founding members

- The use of AI in building and running communities

- Overcoming the crickets and building enthusiasm in the early days

- Advice for new community creators


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