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On this episode, the guys chat about their recent Northwest Pinball and Arcade visit, VR, slot machines, online games, and more, including Is It Tacoma!

00:07 – Jeff kicks off the podcast talking about vampire stories being generational, Justin reflects on their recent Crypticon visit, and talks about his visit to the Northwest Pinball and Arcade show. He talks about visiting Camp Bar, Rhein Haus being closed, and the restaurants opening in its place. They talk about the different pinball machines they played at the event, Jeff talks about trying to play the Infinity Gaunlet game, and the extra big machines there.

21:57 – They talk about the sit-down arcade machines they played, Scott shares his favorite pinball machine, and talks about manufacturers having to prove that pinball machines were games of chance and not a game of skill. They discuss plans for recording in the VR environment, Jeff talks about ways people can get involved in VR, and they discuss Elon Musk insisting on staff working in-person vs. remote.

44:03 – Justin talks about following the Seattle Surge professional Call of Duty League team, Scott talks about not being able to play first shooter games, and Jeff talks about how nice the Tacoma Convention Center is. They talk about places to eat around the center, Scott shares the popsicle idea to pick places to eat, and Jeff explains what the Simpsons Colonoscopy Game was.

65:41 - Justin reads through each story related to Is It Tacoma, reveals which one is from Tacoma, and shares where the other articles were from. They talk about discounted prices for getting the lawn mowed, Justin talks about living in Roy during spider season, and Scott talks about finding a scorpion in his bathroom. He talks about keeping a scorpion as a pet, Justin reflects on old roommates, and gives a shout-out to Cosmic Bottles.

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